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CLOTHES CALL: School Bans Hoodies | News

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CLOTHES CALL: School Bans Hoodies
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CLOTHES CALL: School Bans Hoodies

Clothing can be a revealing indicator of identity; be it a uniform, a religious statement or just a 6th grader wearing a… hoodie? That’s the topic of debate at one Newton school.

Woodrow Wilson principal Nancy Van Wyk sent a letter home to parents Tuesday outlining a new policy that bans hoodies from the classroom because elementary students were passing cigarettes and mobile phones to one another.

Newton Daily News reports that in response, students gathered signatures for a petition against the new rule saying it punished non-offenders.

Parents took to Facebook with their take on the rule. Some were against, “There are pockets in pants are they gonna start saying they can't wear those to seriously deal with the problem at hand,” said Kristi De Hoedt.

Others can see Van Wyk’s intentions, “While I think it’s sad that it has come to 'banning' a common clothing item that so many children wear, I appreciate the fact that she is trying to address the problem,” wrote Darise Dusty Giles.  

Van Wyk “was beaming.” The principal told Newton Daily News, “I got engagement with parents. Parents were calling me; they were interested in what was going on; they wanted to understand it and how it was affecting their kid. I've had a chance to communicate with a lot more parents.”

She added, “More exciting than that even, this morning I had 10 or 12 kids in my office wanting to talk to me about, 'Why do we have to wear this?' and it was great."

In a second letter to parents, Van Wyk assured parents they shouldn’t go out and buy new clothing. Sweaters are still allowed but just not the hooded variety.

News, Schools, Style

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